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Donna's Cartoons

All cartoons on this page are under copyright of artist and not to be used or duplicated.  Thank you!  Please note also that all drawings are done by hand, not computer!  If you'd like to commission me for work, please see my contact info below! 


(Above) This is only half of a drawing I did inside a card for my friend Cara when she was undergoing a bone marrow transplant.  Lots of stars and cartoon characters showed up for the event and all of them were carrying Cara's favorite flower!  The other half of this drawing will be posted below!  See how many celebs you can find!


Okay, here's more of the card.  As I was drawing these characters in a store, I looked up suddenly and found that I was surrounded by rapt children!  What a magical moment that was!  Anyway, some of the characters in this card - visiting Cara in the hospital - include several aliens; Gregory Peck; Audrey Hepburn; Woody Allen; Lil Orphan Annie and Sandy; Judy Garland; Little Lulu and her mother; Betty Boop; The Chesshire Cat; a Disney tree; Little Nemo; Tinkerbell; Dot and Dash; the gingerbread man; Felix the Cat; Ignatz and Krazy Kat; Duke Ellington; Cara's parents; our friend Alison in "Ringling Brothers"; and "That Girl" on TV.  (And that's not a complete list, folks!)


Another sketch in pen (above).  As a kid and even today, I always used ballpoint pens to draw!


Here are some pen-and-ink drawings I did for an Inking class.  The  characters in the first panel include my own characters for a proposed comic strip (stay tuned for that!)  Of course, there are Disney characters in the second panel.  (I love Disney!)


I can draw anyone's cartoon character(s) and always had that ability even as a kid.  (I will create a page for some of my childhood drawings.)  Interestingly, the most difficult characters I found to draw included Bart Simpson (his very simplicity made him quite challenging) and Fred Flintstone!  But every cartoonist has his or her own unique style, so even when someone takes over someone else's comic strip, the characters bear that new artist's thumbprint.


One in a series of charcoals of 1960's faces - this one is called "Sixties Minute."



Above are two pages from a series of comics I did, beginning with "Horror Tales From the Burbs."  This one is "National Hoagie Day."  I worked my friend Maxine into the script (black-haired girl in last panel) and my friend Jason is to the right of the house in the first panel (note the figure in the window!) 


(Above)  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the clarity for this one.  I drew this on the back of an envelope!  Yes, I always keep the post office amused (or used to).  I took a photo of this, but it's a photo of a photocopy, so it's a bit blurry, especially around the edges, and doesn't show the true color.  Anyway, a circus scene with a few familiar faces for the person who was receiving this!



(Above) Two in a series of "rabbit" sketches I did as a teenager for a Danzizen Quigley bike race.

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